Enigma Machines And Other Antique Cipher Equipment For Sale

The 3-rotor Enigma machines on this page generally range in price from $190,000 to $260,000 USD.

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3-ROTOR ENIGMA SN A600This is a very early complete, museum-quality German Enigma machine in excellent working condition. The serial number A600 indicates that this machine was made by Chiffriermaschinen AG in Berlin in 1927 – 1928. This is one of the very earliest Enigma machines to be delivered to the German military. This Enigma includes five rotors (I, II, III, Read more


3-ROTOR ENIGMA SN A7149This is a complete, museum-quality German Enigma machine in excellent working condition. The serial number A7149 indicates that it was made by Heimseoth und Rinke in Berlin in 1937.  This Enigma includes five rotors (I, II, III, IV, and V). All five rotors carry the serial number A7149 and match the serial number of the Read more


SET OF 3 MATCHING ENIGMA ROTORS – BATTLEFIELD FIND / RELICSThis is a set of three matching Enigma Rotors from a 3-rotor WWII German Enigma machine.  Rotors II, III, and IV all have the matching serial number, A8456.  The serial number indicates that these rotors were made and issued with an Enigma machine to the German military in 1938.  These rotors would have been used Read more


RELIC ENIGMA MACHINE PARTS WITH DISPLAY CASEThis is a collection of relic and unearthed battlefield-found parts from Enigma machines discovered decades after WWII. 1) Lamp Panel Letter Film – This opaque film was located under the metal top of an Enigma machine with electric lamps located directly below each translucent letter on the film.  The metal top of the Enigma had Read more


SWISS NEMA CIPHER MACHINE MODEL 45Swiss NEMA cipher machine, serial number TD-482, in excellent museum quality condition. Includes one original and one copied operator’s manual. This is a complete and original NEMA cipher machine in excellent working condition. The Swiss NEMA is an electro-mechanical wheel-based cipher machine that was developed by Zellweger AG in Uster Switzerland during World War II as Read more


M-125 RUSSIAN FIALKA CIPHER MACHINEThis is an original, museum-quality Cold War-era Russian Fialka cipher machine and power supply. This Russian cipher machine, code named “Fialka,” was developed after World War II and is an electromechanical, wheel-based code-generating and decoding machine. Its development was based loosely on the German Enigma machine, with rotors moving to a new position each time Read more


M-125 RUSSIAN FIALKA ROTOR SETSet of 10 adjustable Russian M-125 Fialka rotors mounted on Fialka rotor shaft. An exciting and rare example of cold war-era cipher technology. The Russian M-125 Fialka cipher machine was developed shortly after WWII and is based on the German Enigma machine. This machine was used by all of the Soviet Bloc countries as well Read more


M-209-A CIPHER MACHINEUnited States Army M-209-A. US Army M-209-A cipher machine, serial number 9357,  in complete and working condition. Includes original canvas case, all accessories, manual, and spare paper tape. This is a very fine example of an M-209-A from World War II that shows evidence of being used in the field.Signs of wear and use are Read more


Original German Enigma cipher machines like the ones on this page are extremely rare and hard to find. Most Enigma machines were destroyed during the war as the German armies retreated or at the conclusion of the war when Churchill ordered them all destroyed.
As the pivotal role that Enigmas played in world history becomes better known, Enigmas have become even harder to find. The few that have appeared in open auction have been in as-is condition, not necessarily functional, and with parts missing.

EnigmaMuseum.com offers original Enigmas in complete and working condition. Every effort is made to use original or refurbished parts in the restoration of this rare historical cipher equipment. It should be noted that the Germans used brass on brass electrical contacts instead of gold, silver, or platinum, so absolutely perfect operation on every key-press on these 70 year old machines can not be guaranteed.
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