Battlefield-found – Enigma Parts Collection


Own this important piece of WWII history!

This is a collection of original relic, unearthed, battlefield-found parts from Enigma machines discovered decades after WWII.

These relic, ground-dug parts were acquired from a treasure hunter in Europe. This collection of Enigma parts was unearthed from battlefields in what was the Stalingrad region. All pieces in this collection show signs of significant use and/or exposure to the elements.

The collection:

1. Enigma rotor core: This is the center portion of an Enigma rotor. This piece has 26 electrical contacts (not working) on each side and is marked with a Roman Numeral III and a serial number of “A 2693”. This tells us that this is rotor 3 of the five rotors that would have accompanied Enigma machine A 2693. This rotor and its assigned Enigma machine were manufactured in Berlin in 1933-34. This is a very early Enigma rotor which saw service in the German military before and during WWII. The outer parts of this rotor have been lost to time.

2. Enigma rotor thumb wheel: This is the aluminum outer thumbwheel from an Enigma rotor. Thumbwheels allowed the Enigma operator to advance the rotors manually with a finger or thumb.

3. Stecker cable and plugs: These cables were used to plug into the plugboard on the front of Enigma machines. The plugs would transfer electrical current between letters being substituted in the encipherment process.

4. Signals Operator/Enigma Operator Insignia: Insignia worn by signals personnel operating Enigma machines. This is believed to be an original insignia from WWII.

All pieces in this collection are in as-found, ground-dug condition and are not in working condition. All pieces are in stable condition and can be handled or mounted into a display.

The oak display case is not included. It is available for a extra fee of $52. The display measures 12″ x 9.5″. It includes a lock and key.

Nearly all Enigma machines were destroyed either intentionally or in combat. The Germans did not know that the Allies had broken the Enigma codes. Therefore, there were standing orders not to let these top secret cipher machines be captured by the Allies. As a German position was being overrun or preparing to surrender, any Enigma machines would be intentionally destroyed. The German soldiers would shoot, kick, run over with a vehicle, or even blow up with a hand grenade any Enigma machines at risk of capture. Some Enigma machines and their rotors would then be thrown into lakes, rivers, or the ocean to further hide the machines from advancing Allied forces.

This relic Enigma parts collection is accompanied by a signed Letter of Authenticity from Enigma Museum and a signed copy of Dr. Thomas Perera’s book Inside Enigma.


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Example of an early Enigma rotor. Picture for informational purposes only. Not for sale.




Example of Stecker cables plugged into the plugboard on an Enigma machine. Picture for informational purposes only. Not for sale.


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