Enigma A16878 Restoration:

We have documented the restoration of an Enigma machine found in a shed in Belgium:

Animated video description of the inner workings of an Enigma machine:

Enjoy this very informative 20 minute description of an Enigma machine:


Cipher Systems Keyspaces –  Video Presentation – Keyspace Components for 17 Cipher Systems

Ralph Simpson and Tom Perera demonstrate and discuss the keyspace components of the Enigma machine, Russian M-125 Fialka machine, the NEMA cipher machine, and other significant cipher systems.


Below are links to other historians, collectors, and Enigma-related web sites.

Paul Reuvers & Marc Simons’ CryptoMuseum – A comprehensive collection of the history and technology of cipher machines, clandestine radios, spy communications, and more. A fantastic resource!

Dr. David Hamer’s Web Site.

Dr. David Hamer’s list of all known Enigmas: Download Excel spreadsheet. (This list is frequently updated by

Ralph Simpson’s collection of photographs, historic, and technical information regarding ciphers and cipher machines.

Frode Weierud’s CryptoCellar – Fantastic collection of Enigma history.

Richard Brisson’s Web Site: Vintage Tradecraft in Cryptology and Espionage.

Jerry Proc’s Crypto Machines page.

Nicholas Gessler’s Cryptology and Stenography Collection

Early patent information on Enigma related cipher machines.

Bob Lord’s crypto museum with information regarding the Enigma, Fialka, M-209, and other cipher machines.

TICOM Archives – Fantastic accounting of the secret Allied efforts in the last days of WWII to capture German cryptologic secrets ahead of advancing Russian forces.

History of the German naval Enigma machine and detailed information regarding German U-boat history.

A great collection of information on the Enigma and other cipher machines, their history and several simulators for them by Dirk Rijmenants.

Dirk’s very fine and popular Enigma simulator for your computer:

The late Tony Sales Codes and Ciphers Web Site.

A Cryptographic Compendium

The Enigma Message Breaking Project – Ongoing efforts to break Enigma coded messages from WWII.

Miniature Enigma machine simulator.

Homepage for the National Cryptologic Museum – A fantastic collection of cipher machines and history located in Fort Meade, Maryland, USA.

A collection of code breaking history from WWII and the cold war.

Dr. Mark Baldwin “Dr. Enigma” provides lectures around the world on the Enigma machine and the history of cryptography

Kartengruppe – An impressive collection of German naval maps, cipher keys, and encryption systems 

International Conference on Cryptologic History (ICCH):