Through its global network of historians, consultants, restoration specialists, skilled craftsmen, and collectors, Enigma Museum is able to provide the highest level of service to individuals and institutions interested in virtually any aspect of antique Enigma and other cipher machines.

Urgent Warning to Enigma Owners: Corrosion Alert



Enigma Museum is an active collector of Enigma machines as well as other antique cipher, telegraph, and scientific devices. From time to time we are able to offer some of our collection for sale. We strive to provide accurately restored, fully functional antique equipment to collectors, museums, corporations, and institutions. Our inventory changes frequently. Check our “For Sale” page, or contact us directly, if there is a specific piece of antique equipment you are seeking.

Rentals, Props, Lectures, and Demonstrations

Enigma Museum makes some of its cipher machines available for short-term rental. Our staff can develop specialized presentations, lectures, and demonstrations and can travel to your location to present informative and entertaining programs covering all aspects of Enigma and cipher machine history and technology.


Enigma Museum is seeking Enigma machines, Fialka machines, and various other antique cipher equipment to add to its collections, to study, to restore, as well as to resell to collectors and institutions. We will consider any related equipment in any condition.


During the past 20 years Enigma Museum personnel have developed a global network of collectors, dealers, historians, and institutions. We can use this network to assist you in finding the Enigma machine you are seeking or to help you to arrange sales and/or trades to suit your specific needs.


We are available to provide appraisals and technical evaluations for Enigma machines and related equipment.

Repair and Restoration

The personnel at Enigma Museum have been repairing and restoring Enigma and other scientific machines for more than 20 years. We have developed a team of skilled restoration specialists with advanced capabilities to repair and restore Enigmas and other cipher machines. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring Enigma machines “back to life.”


During the past 20 years we have been actively searching for original Enigma parts in the remains of bombed factories and in battlefields. We maintain a stock of original parts, and our network of skilled, professional machinists can re-create select exact replica parts to order.

Museum & Institutional Services

We have worked with numerous museums and educational institutions.  Click here for more information.

Contact us for further information:

Tel: (802) 431-5158