Two Battlefield-Found Relic Enigma Machine Rotors

Own this important piece of WWII history!

Two relic Enigma machine rotors found fused together on their Enigma rotor shaft.

Offered are two original Enigma rotors recovered from northern Germany. These rotors were found still mounted on their rotor shaft as they would have been inside an Enigma machine. While in use, three Enigma rotors would reside inside an Enigma machine on a smooth shaft/axle that would allow them to rotate inside the machine when a key was pressed. These rotors are fused together with the center bearing of a third rotor still visible on the end of the shaft.

One rotor can be identified by its serial number which reads “A00245 / 43E” This tells us that this rotor was made by the company Ertel-Werk in Munich, Germany in 1943. The second rotor’s serial number is not visible however it can be determined by a mark on the side of the rotor that it is a rotor I. These are two of five rotors that were issued with the Enigma I (Army) machines.

The Germans did not know that the Allies had broken the Enigma codes. Therefore, there were standing orders not to let these top secret cipher machines be captured by the Allies. As a German position was being overrun or preparing to surrender, any Enigma machines would be intentionally destroyed. The German soldiers would shoot, kick, run over with a vehicle, or even blow up with a hand grenade any Enigma machines at risk of capture. Some Enigma machines and their rotors would then be buried or thrown into lakes, rivers, or the ocean to further hide the machines from advancing Allied forces.

These are original Enigma rotors. The rotors are in stable condition. There is corrosion and rust on various metal surfaces due to decades of exposure to water and soil. 24 of the 26 spring-loaded contacts are present but have seized in place. All of the flat contacts are present on the second rotor. There is damage to the thumbwheel – possibly from battle damage or the intentional destruction of the Enigma machine to avoid its capture at the end of the war. These are not working rotors. These rotors are for display. These rotors are sold AS IS and AS FOUND. Please see the pictures below.

These relic Enigma rotors are accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity from Enigma Museum as well as a signed Copy of Dr. Thomas Perera’s book, Inside Enigma.

History:  The Enigma machine was the primary cipher machine for all branches of the German military from 1932 to the end of the war in May 1945. Successful code breaking by Polish mathematicians in the 1930s and the British and American efforts that followed allowed the Allies to read Enigma messages throughout the war. Breaking the Enigma codes significantly shortened the war and saved thousands of lives. In addition, the very first computers were developed to defeat German cipher machines. Breaking the Enigma codes contributed to the Allied success in World War II and the birth of the computer age.


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