Set of 10 adjustable Russian M-125 Fialka rotors mounted on Fialka rotor shaft.

An exciting and rare example of cold war-era cipher technology.

The Russian M-125 Fialka cipher machine was developed shortly after WWII and is based on the German Enigma machine. This machine was used by all of the Soviet Bloc countries as well as Cuba. The Fialka enciphers text using a set of 10 rotors. Like the Enigma, the rotors can be placed in different locations along the rotor shaft. In addition, some Fialka rotors were adjustable and could be rewired in the field. To rewire one of these rotors, the outer clip is removed and the inner wiring core is removed from the rotor. The wiring core can then be placed back into the rotor in various positions that would create a differently wired rotor. In addition, the advance blocking pins on these rotors can be adjusted to cause the rotor to step at different intervals.

Each of these rotors is complete and can be disassembled and rewired.
Original Fialka rotor shaft (spindle) included. See pictures below.

Price $1,200 USD.  Price does not include shipping or PayPal charges.

Individual Fialka rotors are available in limited supply for $155 each.  Please contact us for additional information: dan@enigmamuseum.com


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