Battlefield-Found Relic – Enigma Rotor A5350

Own this important piece of WWII history!

This is an original Enigma rotor dug from the ground in a WWII battlefield. This is Enigma rotor number III with Serial Number A5350. This serial number tells us that this rotor was manufactured in Berlin in 1936 and issued with the 3-rotor Enigma machine with serial number A5350. This Enigma rotor saw service with the German military from 1936 through to sometime close to the end of the war in May of 1945.

This rotor was likely discarded from an Enigma machine before the Enigma machine was destroyed at the end of WWII. The Germans did not know that the Allies had broken the Enigma codes. Therefore, there were standing orders not to let these top secret cipher machines be captured by the Allies. As a German position was being overrun or preparing to surrender, any Enigma machines would be intentionally destroyed. The German soldiers would shoot, kick, run over with a vehicle, or even blow up with a hand grenade any Enigma machines at risk of capture. Some Enigma machines and their rotors would then be thrown into lakes, rivers, or the ocean to further hide the machines from advancing Allied forces.

This is an original Enigma rotor. It is intact and in stable condition. There is corrosion and rust on various metal surfaces and most of the spring loaded contacts have seized in place. This is not a working rotor. This rotor is for display. Please see the pictures below.

This relic Enigma rotor is accompanied by a Letter of Authenticity from Enigma Museum and a signed copy of our book, Inside Enigma.


Price $4,000 USD plus shipping.


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