Below are links to our friends and other Enigma related Web Sites. – Paul Reuvers & Marc Simons’ CryptoMuseum – A comprehensive collection of the history and technology of cipher machines, clandestine radios, spy communications, and more. A fantastic resource! – Dr. David Hamer’s Web Site. – Ralph Simpson’s collection of photographs, historic, and technical information regarding ciphers and cipher machines. – Frode Weierud’s CryptoCellar – Fantastic collection of Enigma history. – Richard Brisson’s Web Site: Vintage Tradecraft in Cryptology and Espionage. – Jerry Proc’s Crypto Machines page. – Nicholas Gessler’s Cryptology and Stenography Collection – Early patent information on Enigma related cipher machines. – A crypto museum with information regarding the Enigma, Fialka, M-209, and other cipher machines. – The description of an attempt to build an exact replica Enigma machine. – TICOM Achives – Fantastic accounting of the secret Allied efforts in the last days of WWII to capture German cryptologic secrets ahead of advancing Russian forces. – History of the German naval Enigma machine and detailed information regarding German U-boat history. – Pictures of Enigma machines in use by the Germans. – A great collection of information on the Enigma and other cipher machines. – The late Tony Sales Codes and Ciphers Web Site. – A Cryptographic Compendium – The Enigma Message Breaking Project – Ongoing efforts to break Enigma coded messages from WWII. – The International Museum of World War II – Located just outside Boston, this museum has one of the largest collection of Enigma machines. – Miniature Enigma machine simulator. – Homepage for the National Cryptologic Museum – A fantastic collection of cipher machines and history located in Fort Meade, Maryland, USA. – A collection of code breaking history from WWII and the cold war.