DIY Enigma Project – Restore an original Enigma machine.

This is an unique offering of a set of original Enigma machine parts for a restoration project.

This collection of original parts was assembled by a European collector who intended to restore this Enigma machine.

Most of the parts appear to be from Enigma A8567. This machine was manufactured in 1937-38 in Berlin.

Most of the parts show some light corrosion and evidence of exposure to the elements.

The part showing the most corrosion is the keyboard switch assembly. Restoration of this assembly will require extensive disassembly, cleaning, and possibly the location or creation of replacement components.

The remainder of the parts appear to be restorable with cleaning and reassembly.  Some parts (like the metal top of the machine) may require surface preparation and painting to restore them to original condition. Some restoration work has been completed by the previous owner. This work includes the assembly of the reflector, cleaning and repair of rotors, and labeling of wires on the keyboard switch assembly.

We estimate that a non-working restoration of this machine would require moderate restoration/technical skills and a fully-working restoration would require experience and expertise in restoring or manufacturing replacement parts – particularly with regard to the keyboard switch assembly.

Rotors and Reflector:

Rotor Type I, A4149
All contacts working.
A few contacts once pressed completely in, may not come out.

Rotor Type III, A2227
Only 9 of 26 connections are working and there are some old oil deposits on the fixed contact plate.

Rotor Type IV, A8567
One of 26 connections is not working.

UKW B, A8567
This reflector has unique internal wiring:
1-3 2-8 4-18 5-6 7-25 9-22 10-26 11-23 12-19 13-15 14-17 16-21 20-24
It’s not Type A, B or C. It may have been rewired with special wiring. The outer shell/case of the reflector shows signs of rust and exposure to water. It appears that the reflector was rebuilt.

The Enigma is a relatively simple device and its modular construction lends itself to easy repairs and/or replacement of modules. Here is a view showing the modules and their interconnections. The battery box has been removed in this picture to show the base more clearly but a good battery box is included with this project.











Accompanying this collection of parts are three extremely rare original documents. The documents are dated 1944 and appear to be war-time work orders for the repair or maintenance of an Enigma machine.

We have assessed this collection and generally feel that the significant parts are present for a full restoration. Certain small parts such as springs and screws may be missing or corroded enough to require replacement.

A Panzerholz case, a full set of low-profile light bulbs and a copy of our book “Inside Enigma” accompanies this collection.

Please look carefully at the following pictures of the collection – what you see is exactly what you will get.

This collection is sold in as-is condition. We do not guarantee that an attempt at restoration will be successful.

This collection is located in the United States. The price includes up to 2 hours of consultation from Enigma Museum if needed.

Price $44,500 USD – shipping within the United States is included in the price.























































































































































































































































































































































Extra relic switch contacts – spare parts