This is a collection of relic and unearthed battlefield-found parts from Enigma machines discovered decades after WWII.

1) Lamp Panel Letter Film – This opaque film was located under the metal top of an Enigma machine with electric lamps located directly below each translucent letter on the film.  The metal top of the Enigma had stamped holes so that each letter could be seen clearly when illuminated. When a key on the keyboard of the Enigma machine was pressed, electrical current would run through the plug board and the rotors, ultimately resulting in one lamp lighting under the film, illuminating a single letter.

2) Power Switch Indicator – This white label with black lettering was located on the metal top of an Enigma machine directly above the power switch to indicate the functional position of the switch. The indicator reads, from left to right, “hell Batterie dkl Aus Sammler 4V.” The switch allowed the operator to vary the amount of current from the battery. Included are pieces from two different power switch indicators.

3) Stecker Cable with Plugs – On the front of the Enigma I (a.k.a. Heeres Enigma) is a plug board (Steckerboard).  Enigma machines were supplied with 12 Stecker cables to further the encryption security of the Enigma. This Stecker cable is complete with both plugs and shows signs of significant wartime use.

4) Extra Rotor Box Cushion – 3-rotor Enigma machines were supplied with two extra rotors, IV and V.  These rotors and rotors I, II, and III were interchangeable within the Enigma.  Rotors not in use at any given time were stored in a special rotor box that had room for two rotors. The box was made from wood and had a latch similar to the latch on an Enigma machine box.  Two spindles inside the box accepted the two extra Enigma rotors.  Opposite each spindle, on the inside of the top of the wooden box, was a cushioned material to hold the rotors securely in place to keep the rotors from being damaged in transport.

5) Rotor Number Wheel Fragment – Each 3-rotor Enigma rotor had a number ring with the numbers 01 through 26, representing the 26 letters of the alphabet. The ring could be rotated to set the Ringstellung (position of the number ring on the rotor for that day’s daily key setting).  The rotor was then placed into the Enigma machine with two other rotors, with each rotor set to a starting position (Grundstellung) that would have a particular number from the rotor number ring visible to the operator through the top of the Enigma machine.  This rotor starting position, the position of the ring on the rotor, the particular rotor, and that rotor’s location in the Enigma machine were all parts of the daily key settings that had to be completed before the Enigma machine could be used for any particular period of time.

This collection of relic Enigma parts includes pieces that were unearthed from battlefields in Europe.  It was very common toward the end of the war for German soldiers to destroy Enigma machines rather than have them captured by advancing Allied forces. All pieces show signs of significant use and/or exposure to the elements.  The hardwood, lockable glass display case is included, along with a letter of authenticity from Enigma Museum certifying that these pieces are from Enigma machines.  The relic Enigma parts are not secured to the display case so that they can be handled and inspected. The pieces can be placed anywhere desired in the display case.  To mount the display case on a wall, one would have to secure the relic pieces to the display case base. The outside dimensions of the display case are 9 1/2″ x 12″ x 2″.  A key for the lock on the display case is included.

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