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This page contains cumulative updates, revisions, and corrections to the information in the SECOND EDITION of the book: "INSIDE ENIGMA" by Tom Perera and Dan Perera; published in 2019. The SECOND EDITION contains almost twice as much information as the first edition and over 150 additional illustrations

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New information about cipher machines is constantly coming to light as historic government archives are declassified and studied by historians. This information as well as corrections and revisions will be added to this page as often as required.

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On 27 June, 2009, we published the 4th. edition of the CD-ROM entitled: "The Story of the ENIGMA: History, Technology and Deciphering"
It is the most complete source of information on the Enigma in a single publication. It contains twice the material in the 3rd edition and includes a complete History, Thousands of Photographs, Books, Wiring Diagrams, Enigma Simulator Programs, Videos, Information on the Russian cipher machine FIALKA and many others. Click above for more information.
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25 January, 2019:
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9 May, 2019:
We inadvertently left out a very fine website by the late Tony Sale. It covers a great deal of Enigma history and the work of the Polish and British Codebreakers as well as the more advanced codebreaking work at Bletchley Park:
Tony Sale's Enigma History Website: http://codesandciphers.org.uk

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