September 5-6, 2009

Some of the Exhibitors:

1. Bob Welsh
2. David White (BP)
3. Frederic Andre
4. Jan-Olof Grahn
5. David Stupples
6. Mark Baldwin
7. Nick Gessler
8. Paul Reuvers
9. John Alexander
10. Walter Gruber
11. Marc Simons (behind Walter Gruber)
12. Tom Perera
13. Anders Wik
14. Kevin Coleman
15. Éamon de Buitléar
16. Klaus Kopacz
17. Michael Graham
18. Kåre Wallman
19. Mike F (GCHQ)

John Alexander describes some of the cipher machines in his collection to three visitors and a Bletchley Park veteran.

Kevin Coleman explains a technical point to a visitor.

Mark Simons and Paul Reuvers display their exceptionally rare Zahlwerk Enigma, the predecessor of the "G: Enigma.

Michael Graham describes his Luftwaffe Enigma, the only one at the conference.

David White shows off some extraordinary cipher machines.

Klaus Kopacz (center) describes some of the exceptional machines from his collection.

The Main Display that greeted visitors as they entered the marquee.

Tom Perera elicits and records stories from 3 Bletchley Park veterans.

A Winston Churchill look-alike lends an additional aura of deja-vue to the conference.

The Banquet in the Mansion at Bletchley Park.

A Lancaster Bomber fly-over complete with wailing air raid sireen.

A small sample of the over 1400 visitors.